Awards + Prizes

The A.I. Award for Distinguished Teaching

The A.I. Award for Distinguished Teaching has been given each year since 1977 to an Associate Instructor, in recognition of excellence in classroom teaching. The A.I. Committee confers the award to recognize and reinforce the high quality of instruction rendered by graduate students.

2024 Cynthia Shin
2023 Farhad Anwarzai
2022 Claire Riley
2021 Sarah Lawson
2020 Alexander Messejnikov & Marie Papineschi
2019 Morgane Flahault
2018 Emerson Richards
2017 Allison Posner
2016 Alexandria Frauman
2015 Julie Le Hegarat
2014 Cassie Berry
2013 Elizabeth Geballe
2012 Holly Schreiber
2011 Urszula Paleczek
2010 Julia Whyde
2009 Raina Polivka
2008 Edward Chamberlain
2007 Olga Volkova
2006 Laila Amine
2005 Lilly Li & Kristin Reed
2004 Theodore Bouabre & Heather Haffner
2003 Robert Bayliss, Shawn Conner, & Gwen Stickney
2002 Adam Rovner
2001 Sarah Mote & Adriana Varga
2000 Kevin West
1999 Mario Ritter
1998 Mary Dezember & David Kaplin
1994 Cary Henson & Philip Holden-Moses
1993 Stephen Baarendse
1992 Katrina Boyd, Cimberli Carpenter, & Joyce Owens

Gilbert V. Tutungi Prize

Since 1969, the Department of Comparative Literature has awarded the Tutungi Prize for the best Master’s Project submitted in the previous calendar year. The prize is named in honor of the late Gilbert V. Tutungi, who received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Indiana University.

The Tutungi Prize may not be conferred on a master’s essay or project that in an earlier version had won the Newton Stallknecht Prize. There is no restriction on the same student winning the Gilbert V. Tutungi Prize for a paper or project different from the submission that had earlier won the Stallknecht Prize.

2023 Maggie McLaughlin
2022 Cynthia Shin
2021 Chris Bisom
2020 Jamie Lauer
2019 Helen Plevka
2017 Elizabeth Ryba
2016 Roy Holler & Michael Montesano
2014 Sarah Morrell
2013 Alison Posner
2012 Meg Arenberg & Elizabeth Geballe
2011 William Nichols
2010 Ashley Pérez
2009 Matthew Rowe
2008 Erin Plunkett
2007 April Witt
2006 Michael Schlie
2005 Anthony Lichi
2004 Kristin Reed
2003 Peichen Liao
2002 Natasha Vaubel
2001 Joanne Quimby
2000 Steven DiMattei
1999 Michael Dalton
1998 Chien-Tai Liu
1994 Christine Bolus-Reichert
1993 Michael Wurth
1985 Cynthia Erb & Susan Robel

Newton P. Stallknecht Memorial Essay Prize

In 1981, friends of Newton P. Stallknecht established this award in his memory. Professor Stallknecht (1906-1981) began teaching at Indiana University in 1949. He served as chair of the Philosophy department and as director of the School of Letters, and was a professor in the Comparative Literature department from its inception. He officially retired in 1977, but continued to teach for another three years, while his health permitted it.

The prize is awarded each spring for the best essay written during the preceding calendar year by a graduate student in a Comparative Literature course. A student need not be a Comparative Literature major to be eligible for the prize. There should be no restriction on the same student who has won the Stallknecht Prize in a previous year from winning it again for another paper.

2024 David Bordelon
2023 Nidhi Singh
2022 Raquel Grove
2021 Timothy Collier
2020 Maggie McLaughlin
2019 Sarah Lawson
2018 Meaghan Murphy
2017 Alexandria Frauman
2016 Sean Sidky
2015 Morgane Flahault
2014 Alexandria Frauman
2013 Sally Morrell
2012 Mallory R Cohn
2011 Ashley Pérez & Sarah Williams
2010 Erik Bohman
2009 Ashley Pérez
2008 Alison Howard & Megan Savage
2007 Genevieve Oliver
2006 Kunio Hara
2005 Olga Volkova
2004 James Rasmussen
2003 Vanessa Nolan
2002 Julia Whyde
2001 Kristin Matosian
2000 Sarah Mote
1999 Robert Bayliss
1998 Stephanie DeBoer
1994 Christine Bolus-Reichert
1993 Elliot Robin
1985 Charles Brichford & Takashi Wakui

The C. Clifford Flanigan Memorial Colloquium Prize

In 1995 the friends of C. Clifford Flanigan established this prize in his memory. Clifford Flanigan (1941-1993) began teaching in the Comparative Literature Program at Indiana University in 1973. He was the Department’s main specialist in drama and medieval studies and a distinguished member of the Institute for Medieval Studies.

The prize honors the best presentation given by a student in Comparative Literature in the C. Clifford Flanigan Memorial Colloquia Series organized by the Student Advisory Board.

2024 Grace Jewell
2023 David Bordelon
2022 Maggie McLaughlin
2021 Natasha Rubanova
2020 Cynthia Shin
2019 Meaghan Murphy
2018 Helen Plevka
2017 Sean Sidky
2016 Alexandria Frauman
2015 Sean Sidky
2014 Emerson Richards
2013 Ashley Pérez
2012 Sarah Morrell
2011 Karen Yang
2010 Natasha Vaubel
2009 Laila Amine
2008 James Rasmussen
2007 Kathryn Johnston
2006 Matt Rowe
2004 Erin Plunkett
2003 Paul Nelson & Laura Scheuer

The Annie Geduld Memorial Prize

In 1992, Harry M. Geduld established this award in memory of Annie Geduld. The prize is given in alternate years to an outstanding graduate or undergraduate student in the Comparative Arts component of the Comparative Literature program.

2024 Maggie McLaughlin
2022 Julie Le Hegarat
2020 Cynthia Shin
2018 Melissa Sokolski
2016 Morgane Flahault
2014 Alexandria Frauman
2013 Evan Smail
2012 Ana Maria Magelena Dragu
2008 Rebecca Disrud


The Wertheim Award in Comparative Drama

The Wertheim Awards in Comparative Drama were established by the family and friends of Albert Wertheim in 2016. The awards honor Professor Wertheim, an internationally recognized drama scholar and devoted teacher, who taught at IU from 1969 until his death in 2003 and held appointments in the Departments of English, Comparative Literature, and Theatre and Drama. Each year, the Department of Comparative Literature confers undergraduate and graduate awards for the best papers about drama submitted to Comparative Literature courses.

2023 Noel Wheeler
2022 Nidhi Singh
2020 Meaghan Murphy
2019 Melissa Sokolski
2018 Zachary Scalzo
2017 Melissa Sokoski
2016 Michael Montesano & Alan Reiser


The Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston Award

The Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston Award is given in honor of the life of Professor Zarifopol-Johnston, an accomplished translator, scholar, and teacher who earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and then taught in the department from the 1990’s until her death in 2005.

The award is given in alternate years to a graduate or an undergraduate student, chosen on the basis of GPA, breadth of interests, originality, academic and/or creative achievement, and overall promise.

2023 Cynthia Shin
2021 Farhad Anwarzai
2019 Morgane Flahault & Julie Le Hegarat
2017 Elizabeth Geballe
2015 Meg Arenberg
2013 Meg Arenberg & Ashley Pérez
2012 Amanda Steinken
2010 Sheila Akbar
2009 James Rasmussen
2007 Ioana Patuleanu