Literary Translation Certificate

Certificate in Literary Translation

The Certificate in Literary Translation testifies to a complete course of study in the practice and theory of literary translation. As a complement to a graduate qualification in comparative literature or any other area of study, the certificate offers a clear advantage to students in a complex and multilingual world.

The certificate program requires a seminar in translation theory and workshops in the practice of literary translation, as well as advanced graduate work in another language department. Certificate students collaborate with faculty and the translation studies committee to complete and present a substantial project. This entails the translation of literary or scholarly work into English along with an essay addressing the theoretical and practical issues salient in the translation process.

Our annual Ilinca Zarifopol Johnston colloquium showcases student achievements in the field of translation. Many students find work toward the certificate to transform the experience of literature and cross-cultural understanding, and recipients have gone on to incorporate translation profoundly into their scholarship or in non-academic fields such as publishing or professional translation.

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