Career Preparation

Develop skills for 21st-century careers

Comparative Literature trains you in fundamental skills that can lead to success in many fields, especially careers that rely on research, communication, critical thinking, and human relations. These skills include strong abilities to read and think critically, to analyze unusual problems from innovative perspectives, and to engage other disciplines and areas of expertise; and a wide awareness of other cultures and historical periods.

Comparative Literature courses teach you to express yourself effectively, to write clearly, to solve problems in creative and innovative ways, and to understand and relate to people with different opinions or backgrounds from yours.

Students with the Comparative Literature B.A. degree take their education in many directions. Initial and long-term destinations include positions in many job sectors. Talk with Comparative Literature faculty, the Comparative Literature academic advisor, and other students to gain insights into the career paths taken by our graduates. You should also connect with a career coach in the College’s Walter Center for Career Achievement.