Advanced independent work

Outstanding undergraduate majors may qualify for the Comparative Literature honors program. In most cases, students join the honors program in their junior year, after acceptance via an application process.

Honors students engage in advanced independent work, focusing on topics of particular interest. They are required to complete a total of six credit hours of C499 – Studies for Honors. Students select one of three possible ways to fulfill these six credits: either by completing three honors tutorials in three different classes (each with a different instructor), or by writing an honors thesis or completing an honors project.

If you plan to go on to graduate study, undergraduate honors work is likely to enhance your chances of being accepted into graduate programs and of being awarded graduate fellowships.

Additional recommendations for honors students

Prospective Honors students are advised to enroll in C200 (Special Topics).

Honors students are urged to enroll in C405 (Senior Seminar in Comparative Literature) if it is offered. C405 is a topics course of limited enrollment and will be of particular interest to those students who plan to attend graduate school in comparative literature.

Participation in one of IU’s foreign language study departments will not interfere with a student's honors work, but will complement it. For honors students accepted into such departments, special arrangements will be made to combine their honors work with their study abroad.

For official requirements information, please review the College Academic Bulletin.

Contact the director of undergraduate studies for details