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The Outstanding Senior Award

Established to recognize a graduating major who is outstanding in academic achievement, potential, and service to the Department.  Previous winners of the award are:

1986          Anthony Guneratne
1987          Margaret Diaz-Padilla
1988          Joyce Owens
1989          Susannah Koerber
1990          Jane Matthison
1991          Paul Dever
1992          Andrea Eitsert, Doug Meyer
1993          Michelle Brown
1994          Dorothea Rovner
1995          Stephanie Mohler
1996          Denise Dorman
1997          James Stevens
1998          Elizabeth Skomp
1999          Ben Peled
2000          John Easter & Christina Dulude
2001          Jennifer Holt & Joe Pusateri
2003          Kimberly Lux & Erin Plunkett
2004          Raina Polivka
2005          Kathryn Bullerdick, Luke Winnikates, & Emory Zink
2006          Daniel Bulla
2007          Anna Piontek
2009          Alison Howard
2010          Rebecca Westall
2011          Tiffany Li
2012          Farrell Paules and Colin Wagner
2013          Sarah Williams and Panagiota Doukas
2014          Aaron LaRoche
2015          Miranda Caudell
2016          Madeleine Steup
2017          Megan Vinson

The Annie Geduld Memorial Prize

In 1992, Harry M. Geduld established this award in memory of Annie Geduld. The prize is given in alternate years to an outstanding graduate or undergraduate student in the Comparative Arts component of the Comparative Literature Program. Past undergraduate student winners of the Geduld Prize have been:

1995          Brian Doan, Charity Rolfes
1996          Marcet Townsend
1997          Eric Cox
1998          Ryan Haley
1999          Angelia Haro
2000          Jane Cronkhite
2001          Oliver Hildebrandt & Erik Gibson
2003          Megan Glass
2004          Courtney Burke
2005          John Heather
2006          Luke Winnikates
2007          Meredith Morgan
2009          Nick Stange
2010          Nick Jeffries
2015         Allison Hart
2017        Em Brewington, Alexis Rueff

For a list of graduate winners of this award, please see the Graduate Awards Page.

The Ilinca Zarifopol Johnston Award

The Ilinca Zarifopol Johnston Award is given in honor of the life of Professor Johnston, an accomplished translator, scholar, and teacher who earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and then taught in the Department from the 1990’s until her death in 2005. The award is given in alternate years to a graduate or an undergraduate student, chosen on the basis of GPA, breadth of interests, originality, academic and/or creative achievement, and overall promise. Faculty will bring to the attention of the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Director of Graduate Studies their nominees for the award. Nominations will include a letter and any other relevant materials. Past undergraduate student winners of the Ilinca Zarifopol Johnston Award have been:

2008    Alison Howard
2011    Sarah Williams
2014    Rebbecca Ferber
2016    Jordan Riley

The Comparative Literature Service Award

2014      Paul C. Morris

The Wertheim Awards in Comparative Drama

The Wertheim Awards in Comparative Drama were established by the family and friends of Albert Wertheim in 2016. The awards honor Professor Wertheim, an internationally recognized drama scholar and devoted teacher, who taught at IU from 1969 until his death in 2003 and held appointments in the Departments of English, Comparative Literature, and Theatre and Drama. Each year, the Department of Comparative Literature gives undergraduate and graduate awards for the best papers about drama submitted to Comparative Literature courses.

2017    Em Brewington

For a list of graduate winners of this award, please see the Graduate Awards Page.