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Certificate in Literary Translation

The Certificate in Literary Translation provides students with certification of a successfully completed course of study in the practice and theory of literary translation. As an addition to an M.A. or Ph.D. qualification, the certificate offers a clear strength to students going on the job market.

Course Requirements:
The Certificate in Literary Translation comprises 21-24 credits. These must include: C580 (History and Theory of Translation); C581 (Workshop in Literary Translation) plus one other translation workshop; and three further relevant courses in either Comparative Literature or one of the foreign language departments, consisting either of graduate-level literature courses using original-language texts (documentation of this is required) or advanced courses (300 level or above) in the language itself.

Program of Study:
Students intending to complete the Certificate in Literary Translation should inform the chair of the Translation Studies Committee and the graduate studies secretary, who will maintain a record of the student’s progress. Each student will plan out a coherent program of study in consultation with the Translation Studies Committee. Approval for coursework intended to fulfill certificate requirements must be obtained in advance from the Committee.

Language Requirements:
Expert knowledge of English and one foreign language.

Translation Project:
The student is required to present a substantial translation project, approved by an advisor who in turn has been approved by the Translation Studies Committee. The project will consist of the translation of a literary or scholarly work or works into English, accompanied by an essay explicating theoretical and/or practical issues salient in the translation process. Though the scope of the project will be negotiated among the student, the advisor, and the Translation Studies Committee, the translation and essay together will typically be around 40—60 pages in length. A student revising a translation originally prepared to satisfy the workshop requirements may receive up to three credits for the revisions and introductory essay. If the Translation Project is completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the M.A. degree, the guidelines for the M.A. project/thesis pertain.

Translation Studies Committee:
A three- to four- member Translation Studies Committee appointed by the Chair of Comparative Literature oversees the coordination of the ongoing coursework, requirements, standards, and evaluations associated with the Certificate in Literary Translation. The committee evaluates the Translation Project, consulting when necessary with the student’s project advisor and with other faculty members both inside and outside the Comparative Literature faculty.

For further information please contact Professor Bill Johnston.