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Research & Travel Grants

The Project on African Expressive Traditions (POAET)
Invites applications for travel and research grants
up to $2000.

Eligibility: IU undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty who wish to do original research in summer or fall 2008 on aspects of culture in Africa or communities of African descent, including language, literature, music, religion, the arts, journalism, dress & popular culture.  These grants are not intended for pre-dissertation exploratory research, enrollment in classes, or participation in conferences.  They may be used for dissertation research as long as funded research results in a coherent finite project.  All recipients will present their research at the annual POAET Conversations and will submit an article for publication by POAET.

Applications: Submit to Professor Eileen Julien, Ballantine Hall #903
March 28, 2008

Announcement of awards will be made in late April 2008.

POAET fosters research on the cultures of Africa
and communities of African descent.

For more information, contact Natasha Vaubel: iupoaet@indiana.edu

Instructions for Research & Travel Grants

Applications must be submitted by March 28, 2008 to
Professor Eileen Julien, Ballantine Hall 903
and must include THREE HARD COPIES of the following:

* Cover Sheet POAET/poaet_docs/Spring_2008_cover.doc

* Curriculum Vitae

* Detailed Budget

* Project Proposal (not to exceed 1000 words). Be sure to outline specific research goals and rationale, projected timeline, project resources and contacts. Applications will be judged on originality, demonstrated knowledge of the field, feasibility of project, and significance of the research to the field and the applicant's career. Previous POAET grant recipients are not eligible for additional research and travel grants.


- POAET travel and research grants will not be awarded for travel to academic conferences, although attendance at a conference during the course of the research is permissible.

- Purchase of major equipment will not be considered.

- In spring 2009, award recipients will make a brief presentation on their research at a POAET symposium, and will submit a written article to be published by POAET.

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Past Recipients

Recipients of the 2007 POAET Research and Travel Grants

Shelley-Jean  Bradfield, Communication & Culture
Imagining the Image: Women, Television & Nation in a Democratic South Africa"

Jennifer Hart, History
"Personal History & the Public Culture of Religion in Madina, Ghana"

Teri Klassen, Folklore
"Quiltmaking as a Realm of Interracial Expression"

Sara Mandel, Art History
"Jules Lion, 'Free Man of Color' in la Nouvelle Orléans"

Selina Morales, Folklore
"The Nostalgic Landscapes of the Botánica"

Recipients of the 2006 POAET Research and Travel Grants

Clark Barwick, English
That Strange Un-American World’: Nightlife Culture of the Harlem Renaissance"

Dr. John Bowles, Art History
"Adrian Piper: Race, Gender and the Artist’s Body" 

Matthew Timothy Bradley, Anthropology
"Spatial and Ethnohistorical Documentation of an Unregistered African American Cemetery on the Eastern Cherokee Indian Reservation"

Moses Muziwandile Hadebe, History
"Remembering the 1906 Bhambata Rebellion: Memories Expressed during the Centennial Celebrations"

Jessica Hurd, Art History
"A Tale of Two Dogon Art Markets; The Communicative Powers of Amahigere Dolo's Wood Sculpture and the Ceremonial Deges (Small Statues) of the Dogon Blacksmiths"

Sheasby Matiure, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
"Performing Zimbabwe in North America”: An Ethnography of Mbira Music Learning and Performance Practice in the Pacific Northwest"

Angela Scharfenberger, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
"Metaphor and Meaning: Akan Women's Musical Performance"

Juan Eduardo Wolf, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
"Tumba! African Descendants Reconstruct Chile's History through Performance"

Recipients of the 2005 POAET Research and Travel Grants

Paul Schauert, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
“The Aesthetics, Authenticity and Affect of Folkloric Dance Performance in Ghana: A Study of the Ghana Dance Ensemble”

Paul R. Davis, Art History
“The Artwork and Art Production of Abdoulaye Konate”

Andrew W. Kahrl, History
“The Impact of Segregation on Expressive Traditions in the South”

Meredith Leigh Johnson, Cultural Anthropology
“Performance and Artistic Forms of Somali Communities in Lewiston, Maine”

Cullen B. Strawn, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
“Musical Performance and Hunting in Wasuli, Mali”

Amy Herman, International Studies, African Studies/Languages
“[African Dreams:] Cartooning in East Africa; an Historical Retrospective

Mohhamed Yunus Rafiq, Telecommunications
“Audio and Visual Documentary of the Swahili Music Genre Mashairi ya Kuimbana”

Dr. Trica Keaton, African American and African Diaspora studies
“Paris Noir: Instructional Media Project on Black Experiences in Paris, France”

Dr. Marissa J. Moorman, History
“Feel Angolan With This Music: A Social History of Music and Nation in Late Colonial Angola 1945-75”

Edward M. Puchner, Art History
“Leroy Person and Home Ground”

Phillip Wagner, Latin American and Caribbean Studies
“Afro-Brazilian Slum Youth and Visual Art Performance”

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Research Assistantships

Students admitted to the PhD program in Comparative Literature or French whose area of specialization is African or African diasporic literatures will be considered for this award.

Students interested in this award should contact their Director of Graduate Studies.

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Director: Professor Eileen Julien, African American & African Diaspora Studies,
Comparative Literature, French & Italian

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