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Indiana University Bloomington

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Graduate Students

Name Contact Degree Majors
Arenberg, Meg (ABD) marenber at Anglophone African and Swanhili Lit, intertextuality and translation
Bisom, Christopher (MA) l'architexte, philosophy of language, metaphor
Chen, Anselm (PhD) Comparative Literature
Crown-Weber, Stephan (PhD) Comparative Literature
Dragu, Magdalena (PhD) Intermedialtiy, interarts, music and literture, word and image

Fink, Maria (PhD) 20th & 21st c. literture, transnationalism,
Flahault, Morgane (PhD) Race and Ethnicity, gender, sexuality, intersectionaltiy
Frauman, Ali (PhD) Monstrosity and gender in medieval Germanic vernacular Lit
Galavitz, Rowena (PhD) Comparative Literature
Geballe, Elizabeth (PhD) Russian Lit.,modernism, psychoanalysis, translation
Hines, Lucas (MA) luhineat Comparative Literature/English
Hollar, Roy (PhD) Comparative Literature
Lang, Avi (PhD) Comparative Literature
Lawson, Sarah
sarlawsoat Comparative Literature
Le Hegarat, Julie (PHD) Comparative Literature
Messsejnikov, Alexander (PhD) Comparative Literature
Montesano, Michael
(PhD) Creative expression and radical politics in West Aftrican, Americas
Morrell, Sarah (PhD) The Legacies of Petrarch& Hafez in early Modern Court Poetics
Ndour, Moustapha (PhD) 20th & 21st c. African/Caribben lit, Afr./afr. American dispora
Nichols, William
wdnichol at Freud, Proust, and Faulkner and the Subject of Experience
Papineschi, Marie
(MA) Comparative Literature
Posner, Allison (PhD) Jewish & Holocaust lit, Yiddish &Hebrew language and culture
Qu, Chen (PhD) chenquat Comparative Literature
Reiser, Alan (PhD) rareiserat Mythology, mythic in modern fiction, egolocation via weird & monstrous
Riccio-Berry, Catherine
(PhD) Long 19th c. British & German lit, mythology, criticism, Bryon Studies
Richards, Emerson (PhD) 12th-15th c. French, Celtic, English Romance & Aplocalypse

Riley, Claire (PhD) Medieval European Representations of Mongols

Rinker, Dylan (MA) Comparative Literature
Rodriguez, Amy
amyrodrat Comparative Literature/American Studies
Ryba, Elizabeth (MA) erybaat 19thc. novel, German Language & lit. Victorian lit. and culture
Scalzo, Zachary (PhD) Translation/Adaptation Theatre/Drama, Gender & Sexualtiy Studies
Sidky, Sean (MA) Holocaust & Yiddish lit. translation, Adaptation
Sokolski, Melissa (MA) mssokolsat

Comparative Literature

Thiao, Moussa (PhD) mthiaoat Bildungsroman, Postcolonial, African Diaspora, Gender Studies
Ucar, Nurettin (PhD) Modern German Lit,. Weimar Repbulic Novel, Film Studies
Van den Broek, Claire
cvdbroek at Schuldtrauman, Narrating Guilt as Trauma in the long 19th c.
Whyde, Julia Elyssa
jwhyde at Apophasis and Re-inhabiting the World
Wu, Tsai-yi
tsaiwuat Bristish & French high Modernism, continental philosophy, chinese poetics